Breathe life into the words

Language is never static but a dynamic and living entity; as is the result I deliver. My job – and passion – is to breathe life into the words and polish a text or translation until it comes to life and forms a well-rounded whole.

I am a passionate copywriter and translator specialising in SEO/web content, mainly for e-commerce and saas software businesses.

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Translation and Writing

  • Translations: NL/EN > DE and DE > NL
  • Copywriting in German and Dutch
  • Copy(editing) in German

My first language is German. To guarantee native-level quality, I collaborate with native speakers for translations into the target language Dutch or English.

E-Commerce Services

  • Content Management
  • Product Maintenance
  • Channel Management (Amazon, etc.)
  • Social Media Marketing (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook …)


Jill Kiwitt Marketing Manager DACH at Channable

Simone is reliable, flexible and proactive. She understands the needs of our audience and is able to adapt her content and translations accordingly. I can really recommend working with her!

Marko Faas Copywriter at Dutchview

“Simone thoroughly immerses herself in the subject, so that the result is more than a translation. She is also flexible. This makes her a pleasant partner to work with.”

Steven Brautigam Content Manager

“Simone is a top-class translator. Really understands the tone of voice of the company and delivers on short notice.”

Marc Friedrichsen Managing Director Boutique Danoise

The way Simone communicates, takes action and focuses on results is state of the art – and very helpful for a sme like us. I can recommend Simone to anyone searching for professional help on digital marketing!

Enrico Kretschmar Director & Germany Specialist at Gateway to Germany

“Simone shares our passion for a world without borders. At Gateway to Germany, we believe that we can only facilitate Dutch businesses in Germany by enabling them to understand their German counterparts. And by understanding, we do not only mean language, but also history, culture and social aspects. Simone does a great job in helping our customers truly understand Germany and Germans by contributing regularly to our online business guide ‘Duitsland-Wiki’.”

Anna de Vos Projectmanager Vertellis

“Simone is very flexible, fast and accurate. I really like working with her!”

Hein Strijker Owner Dutch Dandy

“I’ve experienced Simone as highly trustworthy, qualitative and cooperative. Fast as well. Always thinking along with us and come up with new ideas and solutions for improvement.”


Channable Copywriting & Translation

I regularly write and translate marketing content into three different languages.

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Stager Translation

I translated the Stager website from Dutch to German.

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Returnless Copywriting & Translation

I translated the German website from Dutch and regularly write posts and guest blogs.

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Leadinfo Copywriting & Translation

I take care of the German web content and the help centre.

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Voicebooking Translations

I translated multiple posts and e-books from Dutch to German.

Source Translation

Gateway to Germany Copywriting in Dutch

I regularly write blog posts for the Duitsland-Wiki for Gateway to Germany.

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Pimm Solutions Translation

I translated the new website from Dutch to German.

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FlexWhere Translations

I translated the entire help centre for the software solution FlexWhere from Dutch to German.

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Vertellis Translations

I translated the online program Vertellis Mindset and several Google Ads from Dutch and English to German and from German to Dutch.

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Boutique Danoise E-Commerce Management & Marketing

I managed the webshop content, edited product pictures (Photoshop), wrote the biweekly newsletter and set up Mailchimp and the Social Media Marketing.

Dutch Dandy Translations

I translated the product specifications and the blog from Dutch to German and set up Amazon and with Channable.

Source Translation Owner is my project. I set up and designed the entire website and created most of the content and all digital products.


About me

Full Name
Simone Sollberger
Constant Erzeijstraat, Utrecht, Netherlands

I am based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. However, I love to travel and sometimes take my projects with me to work hybrid or remotely. I’d love to come around for coffee if we’re geographically close. If not, I am available on Zoom, Slack, Google Hangouts etc.

Tools I am used to work with:

WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento
Mailchimp, Hootsuite, Channable
Photoshop, Illustrator
AdWords, Analytics, Search Console
Trello, Notion, todoist, Hubspot, Zendesk, Slack ...

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